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Meet the Team

Adam in edit mode

Adam Cripps - Managing Director

Adam has built up a fine reputation for The Projectors over many years with schools, theatre groups and dance academies in London and the south east. He is delighted with the solid client base of schools that book year after year, which is testament to his friendly and professional approach. He comes from a family background of professional film and photography. His first paid job came through his love of tennis - filming matches for a coach to analyse and improve a player’s technique – and in his career has filmed for TV, business, fashion and theatre as a freelance operator before setting up The Projectors and Project Video. Adam still keeps fit as a county tennis player.

Indra at office

Indra Starnes - Office Manager

Usually your first point of contact when booking in your show, Indra will make sure all the arrangements go smoothly and look after the parents who want or order a copy of your show too. She loves getting out of the office as often as possible to assist the camera crew and actually see some of the shows!

Camera Operator

Camera Crew

Adam Cripps, Dan Mountain, Josh Van Hagen, Craig Maddison,  Matt Prior, Johan van Vuren, George Bennett, Damiano Petrucci and Matt Jackson.

Our crew are all experienced and versatile camera operators who know just how to get the best coverage of your school’s play or performance. Although they have a range of skills in TV entertainment, corporate and fashion filming they have also been specifically trained by Adam to produce the optimum results for ‘live event’ stage production filming. Our friendly operators will arrive to set up in plenty of time before curtain up. They will have a chat with you before filming so they can understand how the show is being staged, the best set up for sound coverage, and the optimum position for the camera.


Some of the camera ops are experienced editors too and we also have dedicated Editors when necessary.


Mostly Indra and a team of trusted regulars who help the camera crew set up.


Miska - Head of Security and ‘feel good’ moments

An Alaskan Malamute who really knows how to rock her aviator shades. When she’s not protecting the office from suspicious looking types – like delivery drivers – she provides great doggie therapy by accepting any amount of fuss you care to lavish on her. Tricks include the ‘double paw’ for a really tasty treat, moulting over the carpet and staring blankly when asked to do anything at all really.


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