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Adam, I hope this finds you well.

I just wanted to send you an email at the end of a very busy week regarding Danny.

I must say, I was seriously impressed. He was on it from the first minute, very professional, no problems or anything like that. A million times better than the last guy.

The school were very impressed and managed to make up for last time.

 Really was a pleasure working with him. Thank you for being understanding and adaptable.

 If he or you have any feedback about how it is to deal with me or any of the FP guys, don't hesitate to tell me.

 Let me know, if you happen to be in London at any point, would be more than happy to buy you a pint or two.

 Thanks again and keep up the great work.


Oliver S. Fretz | Managing Director

Fretz Productions Ltd

Dear Adam, Thank you so much for sending me this file. You’ve literally made my day. Many many thanks. I’ll make sure to save it in the cloud.

 Regards, A. 

Brilliant! Thank you for such great service!


Thank you for creating wonderful memories for us, once again. Very much appreciated in a covid world where we can't see the plays in person!

If things go back to normal we'll be having our 2021 leavers play next spring .

Marina, St Mary Abbots 

So lovely to see you at the Panto and thanks for doing such a super job of streaming it! Lots of positive feedback from those in the classrooms so it must have been alright :)

Many thanks and  a very Merry Christmas to you all too!

Jo, Thomas's Clapham 

Adam - you are superstar to swing in at such short notice. We are immensely grateful.

Resilience, problem-solving, creativity, imagination and joy in the face of adversity. Life as it should be.

What a team!

Well done - and thank you so much.

Best wishes,


Ben Thomas, Principal, Thomas's London Day Schools 

I wanted to thank you and Adam for all your last minute help yesterday to allow everyone to enjoy last night.

It would indeed be fascinating to see the stats for viewing and we would be very grateful if these could be relayed to us in due course.

Sophie, Garden House School (live stream)

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the dvd You have made my daugher very happy!


Thank you for all your wonderful help and support last term - it is hugely appreciated. I just wanted to get in touch regarding productions for this term.

Vicky, Thomas's Clapham 

Thank you so much for filming our show last week. We were so impressed with your company and will be using you lots in the future! We cannot wait to receive the DVD!

Nicole Thrower, Director of Drama and Productions, Fulham School 

Thanks so much, that is great!  I am sure we look forward to welcoming you back and will be in touch in due course.  We really appreciate the great service!

All the best,

Ruth, St Pauls Juniors

Thank you for the link.  My download was a success.  I’m thrilled you offer the downloads! Have a lovely weekend.


The video is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much.

Simon, Dancing With Danni 

 I am so sorry. I think I forgot to thank you for all your help in regards to this. I am very happy and cant wait to watch them back and probably cry! Best,


I LOVE the overture and I so impressed with Adam's filming - it is better than ever. It made me quite tearful as it was all so amazing!

Joanna,Frances Lundy School of Dance 

The quality of your filming last year was drastically better than what we have had (another company) previously and I would love to use your services again this year if you are available.

Tiffany Annan, London Dance Project 

Thank you to The Projectors for filming our Shows for so many years, we could not ask for a better service. The entire team is always very professional, friendly and reliable- highly recommend.

Miss Violette, School Events for and on behalf of Pippa Pop-ins 

'We had the lovely Craig (I think sorry) he was wonderful and very professional. He has been the best gentleman that has come to record my show he was there at 2pm and took orders, he sorted out the sound problem which I have every show and he even came and found me at the end and spoke to me which never happens as they usually pack up and go. He was wonderful and please let him know that.'

 Kirstie's Star dancing School 

Thanks for sending DVD's out. I hear that parents have already received them. . 

Thanks again for coming to film our show. Look forward to seeing you all again soon and hopefully I won't be so frantic next time and will be able to say hello!

Best wishes,

Kika Macdonald, Director & Principal, City Dance Academy 

We’ve used the Projectors to film our dance school show for the last 6 years, they are very professional, easy to work with and produce a fantastic DVD/Download every time! Highly recommended!!’

I’ve just this second recommended you on Dance Teachers Forum on Facebook! 

Stephanie, Spotlite Dance 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for filming both our Peter Pan and Lion King productions, you are always so professional and reliable. It’s one less thing to worry about on the day! I know you all have it all under control and the DVDs always come out wonderfully too.

Hannah Mckenna-Vickerstaff - Head of Dance, Ibstock Place School 

Hey all!! I am just dropping in to say thanks again for your work on the show last week!  I can't believe it has already been a week!

Hester, Thames Christian College 

Ah that's so very kind and hugely appreciated as we were hoping to show them to family over the Christmas period. Thank you so very much - amazing customer service!


So just watched the DVD (with a tear in my eye) – it’s lovely – a great job.


Belinda, Claremont Fan Court School 

Hooray!!!! It worked - Thanks. No idea why it didn't before - but doesn't matter now.

Thanks for your help and your great company's service!


The quality of the DVDs for our last two performances has been excellent and what has been particularly impressive is the way in which the camera has panned over all the faces so that virtually any parent who purchases the DVD can be sure of seeing their child at least once, if not several times!

Trevor, Sutton Primary schools Music Festival 

Just to say, on behalf of everybody at Pippa-Pop-ins, we would like o say a huge thank you to you all for yor help and co-operation in the organisation of our Christmas Play. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and have lots of positive feedback fom the parents. The television screens were a great success and we can't wait to see the video.

Louise Leggett

Thanks very mch for the complimentary copy of the Wizard of Oz and wil you thank Phil the camera operator for doing such a good job. I am delighted to hear that instead of sending Christmas cards you are sending the money to the NSPCC - Have a very Happy Christmas.

MA Rogerson, Headmaster, Cottesmore School

Rather belatedly I write to say thank you for producing the video of The Nutcracker and Modern Tap Showcase. I watched it again yesterday with my mother and we thoroughly enjoyed it and felt it was beautifully videoed. Thank you for doing it so well and here is to the next time if I am still alive then.

With best wishes  and thank you.

Sue Handy, Principal, the Susan Handy School of Dancing 

Adam, thank you so much for your professionalism, your charm, your tact, your ability to produce a very good result in the most difficult of circmstances. Only someone who has been where we were can fully understand how diffucult were the venue and teh problems!

I look forward to our working together again. With very best wishes for the future work of you and your team.

Penny Phillis, Director Penny Philips Vocal Presentation Skills


The Projectors