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How Much Do We Charge?

We offer packages to suit every school or dance academy, location, and the type of performance being recorded.  Let us know about what you are looking for so we can tailor a package for you – every show is different!

The usual cost of a DVD is £20 per DVD (inc p&p) and a digital download is £18. The discounted price for one of each is £30 (inc p&p)

‘All Singing All Dancing’ (ASAD) Service – Free to the show producers!

We take care of the boring stuff so you can concentrate on putting on a great show.

The ASAD option includes managing all the administration and order despatch on your behalf -  so schools don’t have to deal with the time consuming process of taking orders and payments, packing and distributing the DVD’s.

A crew member (and often an assistant) will offer order forms to parents and take orders at the event, plus show videos can be bought from us by post, phone or online.  We handle all payments and despatch the DVDs or digital files directly to the customers.  Better still it’s all FREE and you get a complimentary copy for booking our service!

The show will be available to purchase on The Projectors website and we send a link in advance to the school/dance academy to cascade to parents to simplify online ordering. For security purposes, we also send you a password to pass on to parents so only people approved by the school can order online. It is a condition of booking that the online ordering information is emailed out to parents prior to the show.

We use a single camera operator who is experienced in filming school and dance productions and the final edit will have an appropriate title sequence to open the show. 

There is usually a minimum number of orders for this service of 25 DVDs/downloads. If after 2 months this number is not met, we will supply the remainder and charge the school.


'Box Office’ package – where you sell the show video

If you have an idea of how many DVD’s you are likely to want and are happy to handle orders, then a bulk order from us may suit your needs.

We film and edit the show and then send you the DVD’s to sell and distribute. A complimentary copy for the school is supplied free of charge.

The benefit is that you will be able to buy the DVD’s at lower price. This cost saving can then be passed onto the parents or used to raise funds for your organisation by selling on for a higher price. Or you may want to include a copy of the show DVD in the ticket price or tuition fee.

We will agree a minimum order number, see the options chart below, and the final number is usually confirmed to us 2-3 weeks after the performance.  If the minimum number is not met, we will supply and charge for the minimum agreed.

Multi Camera Packages/service/coverage

2 or 3 cameras are often the preferred option for dance shows to get multiple camera angles. See the options for costs.

It may be possible to offer our ‘All Singing All Dancing’ service with more than one camera with an agreed minimum order. Please do call to discuss if this sounds the service for you.

Contact us on 01932 864333 or or use the enquiry form here

One camera Single camera filming, edit, all administration

25 DVD’s and downloads

FREE to show producers

£20.00 per DVD, £18.00 per download. £30 for both

Two cameras

Two camera filming and edit, all adminsitration

30 DVD’s and downloads 




60+ DVDs and downloads

£20 per DVD, £18.00 per download, £30 for both.    + £300 charge for additional camera and editing                                           

FREE to show producers (cost of copies as above)

 Three cameras Three camera filming and edit, all adminsitration call or email for quote call or email for quote
 One camera Single camera filming and edit bulk delivery of show copies to single address.



£18 per copy

£15 per copy
Two cameras Two camera filming and edit bulk delivery of show copies to single address.


£18 per copy + £300  charge for additional camera and editing

Three cameras Three camera filming and edit bulk delivery of show copies to single address. Call or e-mail for quote Call or e-mail for quote
Live Streaming and relay Show filming relayed to screens and/or live streamed on-line  Call or e-mail for quote

 Call or e-mail for quote


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